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This is ideal for users who want to send money overseas as they will get instantaneous feedback instead of waiting hours or days. The Exchange’s market-beating liquidity is matched with features such as portfolio margin, which lowers margin requirements on hedged positions, and unified accounts that accept BTC/ETH/USDT/USDC as collateral. Earlier this year, Bybit introduced USDC options — the first stablecoin-margined option contract in the market — with the exchange pledging to make Ether and SOL options available soon.

  • Another school of thought was that Binance was preparing in advance for any regulatory shutdown that might stem from the U.S. government, as both the stablecoin’s issuers were U.S.-based.
  • Moreover, USDC is quickly becoming the standard for digital currencies with its growing adoption.
  • This way, you can compound your returns and grow your investment over time.
  • Like most stablecoins, crypto investors use USD Coins as a payment rail to access the crypto market.

We provide financing to retail and institutional borrowers who typically have difficulty securing funds through more traditional routes. As a result, these customers are willing to pay higher interest rates for the money they borrow – which means you get an excellent return on your investment. There are a number of other stablecoins available, such as Tether and DAI. These coins offer similar benefits to USDC but with slightly different features. This competition could lead to lower demand for USDC and a corresponding decrease in its price. There are disadvantages to everything in life, and the same goes for investing in digital assets. So while there are many advantages to using USDC, it’s also essential to be aware of the risks involved.

When is the best time to trade GBP/USD?

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USDC news

By using our services you accept at your sole risk changes to underlying asset prices . Funds received by us in relation to cryptocurrency transactions are not safeguarded or covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.References to AQRU herein mean to Accru Finance Ltd. USD Coin is a form of digital cryptocurrency, also referred to as USDC Coin. Use this page to follow the USD Coin price live, cryptocurrency news, USD Coin market cap and updates. Create alerts, follow opinion and analysis and view real time market data. This Yemen Riyal to Dollar conversion tool allows you to compare the live inter-bank currency rate with competitive travel money exchange rates available within the foreign exchange markets. Bybit will also enable instant, auto-conversions between USD and USDC (or other Circle-issued stablecoins).

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As a result, USDC can be seen as a more stable and reliable form of cryptocurrency than many others and can be used to purchase goods and services just like any other dollar-denominated currency. Banking Circle, the tech-first payments bank, is shifting the dial in the virtual assets market with a ground-breaking new service for banks and payments businesses. USDC is an important step in the development of the cryptocurrency industry. By providing a digital currency that is backed by actual dollars, USDC brings much-needed stability to the sometimes volatile world of cryptocurrency. In addition, the coin’s compliance with financial regulations makes it a safe and trustworthy choice for those looking to use cryptocurrency for payments or investments. You must be satisfied that this crypto offering is suitable for you in light of your financial circumstances and attitude towards risk. The price or value of cryptocurrencies can rapidly increase or decrease at any time.

USDC news

Several market analysts have been predicting that Circle’s USDC stablecoin could possibly overtake Tether’s USDT to become the largest stablecoin by market cap. However, the Tornado Cash ban is a pretty recent event while the USDC market share started on a decline even before that. Also, increasingly USDC’s market share significantly amid the crypto market crash shows Circle’s determination to serve the market demand.

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Another is that when selling crypto, you may want to keep your funds on the platform ready for your next play. If you keep it on there as USDC, you don’t have to pay fees for fiat on and off ramps. Trading in financial instruments and/or cryptocurrencies involves high risks including the risk of losing some, or all, of your investment amount, and may not be suitable for all investors. Prices of cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile and may be affected by external factors such as financial, regulatory or political events. The decision from Binance to convert all USDC to BUSD will not hamper users who want to withdraw their BUSD account balance as USDC. With options contracts, Bybit users are able to speculate on the future price in USD of an underlying asset and settle their trades in USDC. The risk of options trading is therefore relatively low for traders because the maximum risk is determined by the premium paid.

  • “There is clear market demand for a digital currency denominated in euros, the world’s second-most traded currency after the US dollar.
  • For valuations of the top 100 coins by market cap in US dollars, plus 24-hour price change, see below.
  • He also claimed that the move would bring in more USDC to the exchange.
  • Get more information on GBP/USD – known as ‘cable’ – and find out how you can take advantage of the pair’s price movements with IG.

As the U.S. dollar backs USDC, it can act as a way to hedge against the volatility of other cryptocurrencies. For example, if you’re holding ETH and the price starts to fall, rather than selling your ETH and taking a loss, you could change some of it into USDC.

USDC Supply Declines but USDT Supply Has Increased by Over $2B

How many times have you tried to enter the investment market at the bottom, right as prices are about to go up? We’re passionate about giving everyone the chance to invest their money in a worthwhile venture, regardless of experience level or financial situation. That’s why we have a minimum deposit amount for deposits at €100 – so whether you’re just getting started with investing yourself or are a seasoned pro, there’s a place for you here at AQRU.

USD Coin was made by the tech company Circle and is currently managed by a consortium called Center. The project is backed by Coinbase, which also supports its purchase, and Bitmain. The USD Coin has since climbed up the ranks of stablecoins and is now considered a viable alternative to the controversial USDT coin. After a tumultuous week that has seen the value of the pound fluctuate against both the euro and the dollar, sterling has been relatively stable so far today. The dollar is trading up against the pound and the euro after the US unemployment rate fell to a 50 year low in September. After a fairly dismal day that has seen sterling slide by as much as 0.9% against the dollar to trade as low as $1.25 – and undo a lot of last week’s gains, the currency recovered some ground this afternoon. The US dollar hit a fresh high on strong employment data and the signal of higher interest rates.

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Animoca Brands will leverage the acquisition of TinyTap to establish a new business segment for blockchain-based UGC educational content that will allow educators worldwide to generate their own equity. As of 2019, the pound is the fourth-largest reserve currency, with the euro in second place and the Japanese yen in third. The Bretton Woods system collapsed in 1971 and GBP became a free-floating currency, but it continued to depreciate against USD, reaching a new low of $1.48 in 1983. It’s important to consider all technical and fundamental factors before trading GBP/USD. GBP/USD is referred to as ‘cable’ because deep-sea cables used to carry buy and sell information between the LSE and NYSE.

USDC news

We should still be able to clear out debts for most Anchor users depending on how much money LFG has left. Calculate the amount of money needed to pay out the bottom 75% of users in full. It shouldn’t be more than $1B or $1.5B given that the top 100 Anchor addresses have over 92% of the funds. I am not sure of the exact figures, but something like “all wallets with 250k aUST or less” should be a decent parameter. The events that USD Coin unfolded in the last few days have deeply affected all of us, and I’m sure we can agree that small to medium sized traders have been affected the most. Families have lost livelihoods, students and working professionals have lost years of savings, and lower-calibre ‘investors’ have even lost other people’s money. In a few weeks, everyone will talk about how obvious this event was, but in truth, it was very hard to see coming.

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Bybit, the first crypto exchange in the market to offer USDC options trading, is expanding its range of crypto options to include Ether and Solana contracts. This comes after debuting its first-in-market, USDC-settled Bitcoin contracts earlier this year. As USDC has its value pegged to the dollar, it doesn’t have the same price appreciation potential as other cryptocurrencies. So while investors can enjoy a steady return on their assets as the value of USDC generally remains unchanged, they won’t be able to take advantage of any sudden price increases in the way they could with other assets. USDC is a digital currency, which means you can store it in a cryptocurrency wallet. Then, to redeem USDC for U.S. dollars, the user must send their USDC to a designated account, which will then issue a wire transfer to the user’s bank account and the USDC is deleted from circulation.

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